Hire The Transport Of Damaged Or Damaged Cars

At some point in their lives, many drivers find themselves having to transport damaged or wrecked cars. To do this, the most common is to use the roadside assistance service. However, the coverage is different depending on the insurance that has been contracted, and sometimes it does not include the transfer of the car. In these cases and in others that we explain in this article, it is more exciting and economical to hire the transport of the car on your own.

Although we hope you do not have to see yourself moving damaged or damaged cars, it is convenient for you to know in advance what options you have and which ones are more advantageous if you have to use this service.

Roadside Assistance Services: What Are They?

No driver is free to suffer a mishap during their journeys. For this reason, car insurance offers the contracting of the so-called roadside assistance, coverage for auxiliary damaged or damaged cars. Be careful and do not confuse roadside assistance with travel assistance since the latter refers to passengers’ help to passengers of those damaged and damaged vehicles to continue their trip. It can also be included, or not, in car insurance.

In short, the roadside assistance service provides the insured with the means to make repairs to their vehicle. Sometimes these can be done on-site, but on many other occasions, it is necessary to transport the damaged or damaged cars to the workshop, usually using a vehicle carrier crane.

Do All Roadside Assistance Services Cover The Transfer Of Damaged Or Wrecked Cars?

Not all travel assistance insurance has the same characteristics and coverage in terms of kilometers.

You might have an accident or breakdown on the road, but your insurance does not give you coverage to transport your damaged or wrecked car. Some roadside assistance insurances have ranged from kilometers zero, from where the vehicle is usually parked. However, that of many others is between 15 – 25 km. Therefore, if you have an accident or breakdown near your home, the roadside assistance service will not cover you.

In addition to the kilometer from which the coverage for transporting damaged or wrecked cars begins, other points can also limit the scope of roadside assistance insurance. For example:

  • Assistance period: days and hours of assistance to transport damaged or wrecked cars covered by the insurance.
  • Kilometers of distance: limit of kilometers in which assistance is given.
  • Location of the claim: some insurances rule out roads that are not passable or difficult to access, such as forest roads, to assist with damaged or damaged cars.
  • Type of incident: there are many accidents on the road that can end with crashed or damaged cars, from a simple puncture to a severe accident. However, not all insurance covers all types of incidence. 

When Is It Convenient To Hire The Transfer Of Damaged Or Damaged Cars On Your Own?

As you have seen, not all car insurance includes roadside assistance and transport of damaged or damaged cars. Also, in the cases in which this assistance service is included, some conditions limit the coverage. For this reason, on all these occasions it is advisable to hire door-to-door transport on your own.

For example, if you have roadside assistance, but it does not cover you from km 0, and you suffer an accident near your home, the tow truck sent by the insurer will cost you extra.

It should also be borne in mind that insurance sometimes limits the choice of the workshop to which the damaged or damaged car is transported, and it may be that you should take it to a different one. In any of these situations, it may be more economical and practical for you to hire a service to transport cars independently.

To do this, you will only have to contact a company specialized in transporting cars with these characteristics. Today many on the market offer vehicle transport, but you must bear in mind that accident-damaged vehicles have a series of peculiarities that make them require extraordinary measures.

Therefore, before hiring the first car transport company you find, make sure that it meets all the requirements to transport cars in this state. For example, as we explained in the article Transporting a damaged car safely and economically, to move vehicles that do not start by themselves (such as damaged or wrecked cars), the cranes must have a winch mechanism.

Do You Need To Transport Your Car?

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Also, our budget includes all-risk insurance; that is, in case your car suffers any damage during the contracted route, we will take care of it. 

If you are looking for the best value for money to transport damaged or damaged cars, do not hesitate, we transport your car is your company.

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