Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Phone Estimates: It is important to be as accurate as possible when providing an Inventory List. Your Estimate is based on the Inventory List that you provide. We use this Inventory List to determine how many movers and hours your job will require. This helps us with scheduling and enables us to give you an accurate Estimate. The Estimate is based on your home being packed and ready to move. Adding a significant number of items to your move after you have given us an Inventory List will increase the time required for your move, thus, the Cost for your move will increase.

Cancellations/Rescheduling: 72-hour notice is required to receive a full refund of your deposit.

Payment:  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  You may also pay with cash.

Additional Charges: There may be additional charges for transportation of items not included in the original estimate. Extra pickups and/or deliveries, removal and /or replacement of doors, packing last minute done at the request of the carrier, and any service considered out of the ordinary may incur additional charges.

Bulky Items: Pool tables, pianos, riding lawn mowers, safes, gun safes, hot tubs, motorcycles, and other items that may be added to this will be charged a "bulky item" charge. It will be in addition to the hourly rate of the move.

Arrival Times: The Movers911 will give you an estimated window of arrival. We make every effort to arrive within that window. Please remember that the window of arrival time is just an estimate. If we are running early or late, we will let you know as soon as possible. Please make sure we have a phone number to get in touch with you on moving day.

Inclement Weather: Additional costs may be incurred due to staging difficulties caused by inclement weather. We will make the strongest possible effort to keep items undamaged by weather but cannot make any guarantees. The crew can assist with snow and ice removal at an additional cost. In case of a snow or ice storm, jobs may be cancelled to avoid bodily injury or equipment damage and will be rescheduled beginning the first available date after the storm or as our schedule allows.

Firearms: We will not be responsible or liable for any firearms. Please remove any firearms prior to your move.

Travel Time: The time it takes our crew to get from our office to the jobsite and back to our office at the end of the job.

TV's: Plasma and Flat Screen/ Flat Panel TV’s are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and altitude changes. The original packaging is best for moving them. These items must be crated or packed in original boxes before shipment. We will not move these items without packing/crating properly. There is an additional charge for preparing these items for your move. If We Pack We highly recommend our packing service. Call and speak with a Customer Service Representative for details. We would be happy to arrange a professional packing crew for you.

If You Pack: We do sell packing supplies. Pack everything in boxes. Do not use paper or plastic bags. Shut and tape tops and bottoms of boxes. Clearly mark the destination of all boxes on the top and sides and mark FRAGILE as needed. All fragile items, including lamps, china, computers, stereos, DVD’s etc. must be properly packed.

Contents of Drawers: All drawers of Pressed Wood or Particle Board furniture must be completely empty. The contents of all desk drawers must be removed. Standard file cabinets (2 drawers only) can stay packed, however, the drawers either must be locked or securely taped shut. Lateral and Fireproof file cabinets must be emptied.

Clothing may remain in dresser drawers, but please remove fragile, valuable, and heavy items (i.e. perfume, jewelry, books, papers, etc.)

Elevators: Be sure to contact your building supervisor to reserve the elevator and have it padded for the day of your move. Also, note any time restriction that might apply.

Damages: At the beginning of every move, the foreman will do a walk-through with you, the customer, and advise you of the wrapping/packing option and cost to protect your belongings during the move. Should you choose to not use our protective services, and sign a release of liability, The Movers911 will not be held liable/cover/reimburse you for any damage that may occur because of your refusal to use our wrapping/packing services. Although our movers will be as careful as possible, from time to time damages may occur. If there is damage, notify your movers immediately. Damages must be noted on your contract. If you discover damage after the move, call the office within 60 days of your move. No damage claims will be honored until the charges for moving services have been paid in full.

In making an initial claim against a moving company, it is important to pay attention to the company’s claim-filing rules and deadlines. However, under federal law, the time period allowed for filing a claim cannot be less than 9 months from the date of delivery. Also, federal regulations establish the minimum requirements for making a claim. The claim must:

  • Be made in writing (or submitted electronically)
  • Identify the shipment (such as by customer name, address, date and/or bill of lading number)
  • Contain an assertion that the moving company is liable for the loss or damage; and,
  • Ask for compensation for a specific dollar amount (such as the total repair or replacement costs borne by the customer).


Federal law allows a moving company to limit its liability for loss and damage by offering what are known as “released rates.” This means that in exchange for paying a lower rate, the customer releases the moving company from full liability and instead allows the moving company to limit its liability. The limited liability level is regulated by the STB and is currently set at $0.60 per pound for each item. Based on this liability structure, moving companies typically offer two different rate levels: higher rates for full-value protection and lower rates for limited liability protection.

The STB established procedures that a mover must follow in order to limit its liability. Under the STB’s rules, a mover’s bill of lading must include a “valuation statement” that:


  • Informs the customer of the opportunity to contract with the mover for “full-value” protection, meaning full compensation for the replacement of goods lost, damaged, or needing repair;
  • Provides the customer with the option to waive full-value protection; and
  • Provides the customer with the choice of released rates limiting the mover’s liability (currently $0.60 per pound) for each item lost, damaged, or needing repair.


Customers should be aware that choosing the released rate option significantly reduces the mover’s financial responsibility for loss or damage. For example, the $0.60 per pound liability level typically would not cover the actual value of expensive electronics, such as flat-screen television weighing twenty pounds (20lbs. x $0.60 per pound = $12.00) or valuable artwork, such as a marble statue weighing ten pounds (10lbs. x $0.60 per pound = $6.00). As a practical matter, a customer may wish to consider personally transporting high-value items (jewelry, artwork, electronics, personal computers, antiques) and items of sentimental value (family albums) rather than including them among the possessions transported by the mover.

Movers must apply full-value protection to the transportation of a customer’s possessions unless the customer expressly waives the right to such protection. Also, a mover must make available transportation rates that include full-value protection.


Interstate movers must offer customers a full-value protection rate with no deductible. Movers can also offer a full-value rate giving the customer the option of selecting a deductible (but movers cannot apply deductibles if the customer opts for limited liability). Selecting a deductible typically will reduce the rate paid for the move.

High-Value Items

If a customer opts for full-value protection, a mover can require the customer to give notice when high-value items will be part of the customer’s shipment. In this situation, the mover can include with its bill of lading a form titled “Declaration of Article(s) of Extraordinary (Unusual) Value,” on which the customer must list items exceeding $100 per pound in value. If a customer fails to list high-value items on the form, and if these items are lost or damaged during the move, the mover is only liable for $100 per pound for each item. The STB does not require movers to use the high-value declaration form, but, given that the form is intended to provide movers with advance notice of high-value items within a move, movers are encouraged to use the declaration.

Private Insurance

A customer may wish to consider obtaining private insurance coverage for purposes of losses that could arise during a move. Selecting a moving company’s rate for full-value protection is not the same as purchasing a separate liability policy from a private insurance company.

Damages caused while loading or unloading your truck or storage unit The  Authorize Movers is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody, and control.

The Authorize Movers  reserves the right to repair any damaged item before you have it repaired or replaced.

Pressed wood/Pressboard: Any furniture made of this material will have very limited to no value as far as liability of the company. The Movers will not disassemble or reassemble furniture made of this material. Should you choose to disassemble your furniture, we will move the pieces and will not reassemble upon delivery.

Appliances: The Movers911 will not disconnect and reconnect washers, dryers and refrigerators. We will not replace electrical cords on dryers. Refrigerator doors sometimes need to be removed to go through narrow hallways or doors. The Movers911 will not take off doors that have water or electrical connection going through them and we will not remove freezer bottom drawers on refrigerators. If you know that this needs to be done to move the refrigerator in or out of the area where it is located, please contact an appliance company to do that ahead of time.  The Movers911 will not be held liable for any internal damage to any electrical or electronic equipment (which may be a loose wire, blown fuse, etc.) We are not responsible for minor dents or scratches on major appliances. A thin metal that has an extreme affinity to dent and scratch covers them.

Rrelocationinsurance.com Rleased Valuation Coverage: The Movers911 provides Released Valuation Coverage on all moves. This is federally mandated default coverage of $0.60 per pound damage payout. It is not value based and has many exclusions that are listed below.

What is Not Covered: Exclusions Understanding the exclusions list will help you prepare better for your move. In addition to the list, we have also provided additional information for each item to help you understand why the items are excluded.

• Any items that were packed by the customer and not by our movers cannot be covered. Why: We cannot be sure how the box, crate or bin was packed and if it was packed correctly. Further, many boxes are used several times and their structure may not be adequate to prevent damage.

  • Granite, marble, tile and concrete are not covered under our Liability due to variations in hairline cracks, veining, fissures, and pitting.
  • Any furniture items when no furniture pads are used for protection (based on customer refusal). Why: Hiring professional movers is only half the battle. Furniture pads are extremely important in ensuring that your items are packed safely for transport.
  • Special care items, including glass, glass tops, mirrors, fine art, clocks, electronics or high value items without proper packing and preparation. Why: The best example of these are plasma and LCD TV’s. These items must be crated or packed in original boxes before shipment. We will not move special care items without packing or crating properly.
  • Jewelry and Other Valuables: Please note that we will not be liable for any valuables such as documents, medicine, priceless items, jewelry and currency.
  • Clay Pots, concrete statues and other outdoor decor will not be covered under any circumstances. Should you ask The Movers911 to move clay pots, full or empty, we will do our best to move them in a safe manner, but being that they may have a crack going through unseen; every bump on the road could cause a breakage. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for any kind of planters/pots made of clay, porcelain, ceramic or glass.

What is Covered: Despite the list of exclusions and limitations, we do cover items that we knowingly damage. Released Valuation Coverage is provided for damages on site while in the possession of our movers, assuming they do not meet any of the exclusions above.

Release of Liability: Occasionally it may not be possible to place items where you would like them without possible damage to the items or premises. If this situation arises, our Foreman will present you with a release form indicating that you accept responsibility for any ensuing damage. The Movers911 will not attempt to bring your items to their desired location unless the release of liability has been signed.

Right of Refusal: We reserve the right not to service you under conditions that, at our sole discretion, we consider dangerous, unsanitary, or abusive. In the event we exercise this right, we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages.

Coupon Special offer includes: 1 hour of travel time (as discussed, this is the time it takes for

our movers to get to your current home then back to our office from your new home), 1 hour of labor

Authorize movers considers each and every move differently, keeping

locations, dates, times and factors such as
stairs or elevators in mind when coming up with your

moving strategy. We will also help you meet
any challenge, from advance planning advice to last-I

minute moves. The following services are all part of our residential, authorize movers moving

support:(please see below for more specifics):
After you have reserved your move with one of or sales

representatives, you will receive an updated
quote by email. It is absolutely necessary that you

electronically sign this quote. It is actually
very simple to do: go to the lower left corner of the quote

itself, and click on the link “Online
Electronic Signature”, then, follow the instructions. If we do not

receive this signed quote, acknowledging your
move, your reservation will not be confirmed in our

system. Thank you for your cooperation in
regard to this procedure.

with 3 certified movers and fuel surcharges of $30.00 (a $140.00 savings on the 1st hour of service). If

you need additional labor time the charges
will be calculated as follows: $125 per hour plus a fuel

charge of $15 per hour for a total of
$140/hour. Note that this is billed in 1/4 hour intervals. This is an

hourly quote and NOT a flat rate/binding
quote, so you only pay for the time necessary to complete

your move. Supplies are additional (the
supplies are needed to protect: flat screen tv and glass topped

tables to name a few).


This estimate represents a full service move,
which Includes the following:

Pick up and Delivery

Hourly Labor

Loading & Unloading

Disassembly & Reassembly of Larger

Protective moving Blankets

, Tolls, Government Fees

Basic valuation protection of $.60 per pound
per article

This estimate



(Unless Requested And A Fee Has Been Added

Packing supplies (Boxes, Mattress Boxes,
Bubble Wrap, Crates, etc.)

Re-Delivery if needed , Fuel surcharge 12%: On
1st 4 hours of services you will pay $37.60 and each additional hour

or portion thereof, fuel will be calculated at

Over night- truck fee.$200

This Estimate Is Based On An Hourly Rate.

Any Additional Hours Will Be Charged At The
Above Per Hour Rate.CONFIRMATION We will call and confirm your

moving plan by phone , or by e-mail in advance, checking off all the
items and services noted in your inventory letter.

Authorize movers is a moving company, which offers wide moving services. The following terms

and conditions will aid us in facilitating a
successful moving process.


The total cost is based on minimum move of 4
hours (3 hours labor and 1 hr of travel time,travel time is for us to come

from our warehouse to pickup location and for
us to come back to the warehouse from delivery location). We

understand that moving is a stressful time, so
for your convenience we have the option for hourly rate and also flat rate

for you to choose. Packing supplies do not
include in the hourly rate, but can be included on the flat rate upon your

request. The Flat rate package can be
determined only visually and not buy phone. This quotation will be given to you

prior to booking your move with our company. Authorize movers

Multiple Locations:

At your direction, we can pick up or drop off
anything anywhere.Additional pick up or drop off fee (each additional stop)

$75 charges may apply.

Stairs fee (one time charge, per move) of $75


Our Company does not do any dumping. We can
assist you to drop the item you wish to dispose off at a destination

you desire. Additional charges may apply.


Gratuity is typically not
included in Deals. Businesses are working hard to bring you these discounted
goods and

services, so please tip them with the
un-discounted value of your bill in mind.

Damage Claims:

Damages rarely occur because of the extreme
cautiousness the movers use when moving, but we are human and

mistakes do happen. Our policy for damages
that occurs varies on the value and type of damage. All shipments are

covered under basic valuation policies.
Additional coverage is available www.bakerintl.com The Company shall be

liable for damage to items which are
"Dropped" by the Workers during the use service.Additional Insured
clause for

contract We will provide, free of charge,
Proof of Insurance (a copy of our insurance coverage) to our customers and/or

their condominium association free of charge. HOWEVER, if your condominium association requires themselves to be

named as "Additional Insured", and our insurance company needs to provide this certificate, you will be charged a fee

of $200 for each certificate issued. If your
building requires a certificate providing proof of Workmen's Comprehensive

Insurance, you will be charged an additional fee of $200 for each certificate issued. Please discuss your building's

requirements with your sales representative.
No other damage claims will be awarded and or processed. Items,

Objects and or Appliances which are damaged
will have a "Replacement and or Repair" value of $0.60 (cents)

per/pound. Time limit for file claim is one month after the delivery. No claim will be

processed exceeding the time limit.


We are not responsible for any missing items
after the movers have left your premises. You are responsible to inspect

our truck and make sure all your belongings are accounted for prior to the mover’s departure your premises.

Arrival time:

Please note that all times given are estimated
times of arrival and may vary between 2-3 hours. The movers will

contact you 30 minutes prior to arrivals. Your
patience in this regard is highly appreciated.

Rescheduling/Cancellations Policy:

By Customers:

We understand that changes such as scheduling
for unanticipated events may occur frequently, that is why we do

charge fees for rescheduling after our 24
hours cancellations policy. If you cancel or postpone on the schedule date,

we may make a charge to cover our expenses
and/or loss. We request that you do notify us immediately if such

changes do occur at least 24 hours before your move is scheduled. Your cooperation is highly appreciated


Buyer agrees that if they file a false
chargeback or dispute to receive a refund, or if he causes a fraudulent dispute

claim that results in a chargeback against the
Sellers account, Buyer agrees to, in addition to actual damages, pay to

the Seller liquidated damages of an amount
equivalent to US $10,000 for every separate fraudulent action, dispute or


agrees to pay for any attorney fees and court costs Cell Tek

incurs resulting from court proceedings from
any chargeback against the seller. Any Buyer who attempts to perpetrate

a fraud upon Seller involving the use of a
credit card herewith gives authorization for the Seller to access all credit

information about the Buyer from credit
reporting agencies and also authorizes the Seller to discover all relevant

information from any source about the
fraudulent practices of the Buyer and to reveal such information to credit

reporting agencies, credit card companies,
merchant service providers, and law enforcement agencies. You agree to

allow Moving & Storage services inc to
publicly post this information online, mail form, reported to local business,

media, blogs, etc.


Buyer warrants that he or she is over 18 years
of age, not subject to the Child Online Privacy Act, of legal age to enter

into contractual agreements in the state in
which he is present when he makes this purchase, and is the true and

authorized owner of the credit card used to
make this purchase. Any Buyer who violates any of these requirements

may be liable for civil or criminal
prosecution and agrees to pay liquidated damages of an amount the equivalent of

US$10,000 per fraudulent transaction, plus
actual damages, and agrees that all information collected by this website

may be used for prosecution and may be turned
over to law enforcement agencies or to credit card companies and

merchant service providers.

If the true and/or authorized owner of the
credit card attempts to commit fraud upon the Seller, he authorizes each and

every credit card company or merchant service
provider to disclose to the Seller all information that could be construed

as proof of credit card fraud. Any Buyer who
attempts to perpetrate a fraud upon Seller involving the use of a credit

card herewith gives authorization for the
Seller to access all credit information about the Buyer from credit reporting

agencies and also authorizes the Seller to
discover all relevant information from any source about the fraudulent

practices of the Buyer and to reveal such
information to credit reporting agencies, credit card companies, merchant

service providers, and law enforcement

By Movers:

In the event that there is an irresolvable
dispute, our company reserves the right to refuse our services and will not be

responsible or liable for any penalty or
hardships you may encounter.

The movers also have the right to request for
your move to be rescheduled to an alternate date and time we have

available, in the occasion that an unforeseen
urgent situation or emergency occurrence occurs and our company will

not be responsible or liable for any penalty
or hardships you may encounter.

Payments Method:

Unfortunately we do not accept checks. For
your convenience there are several means of payment available: Cash,

Visa or MasterCard, Money Order, Cashier’s
Check and Wire Transfer (No check deposit). Be advised that on some

forms of payment a convenience fee may be
applied. All invoices must be settled prior to unloading.


We offer full packing services, highly
recommended for the protection of your belongings. Please ask your consultant

for more information. Self packing is also an option; we offer moving
kits available online for purchase


Rates are calculate buy Size of goods. Long
term or short term storage is available. Payments are due monthly and

storage payment which not received on time
will be charged late fee for $35. Payment of storage charges, including

removal charges must be paid before the goods may be taken out of

Additional Services:

Along with the necessary
moving equipment, the movers also carry tons of moving blankets, moving shrink
wrap, and

tools inside their trucks at all time. If you
would like to request that the movers wrap everything for you, you must notify

our company prior to your move; this
particular additional service may also include an additional cost.

Pianos and heavy items will apply additional

A surcharge may apply for stairs per flight,
elevator and long carry; unless otherwise arranged at time of booking.

No alcoholic beverages are to be served /
handed to our staff.

The customer must always be present during the
moving stages:

It is essential that the condition of your
goods are identified and verbally agreed upon by yourself and movers staff

before they are loaded into the truck. It is
agreed therefore that where you or your representatives leave, for any

amount of time, then the conditions of this
guarantee will become void.

Payment withheld: 

This guarantee shall not apply where any or
all of the payment due to us from you is withheld or not paid by clear

funds. You may not withhold any payment
because of any claim you may wish to make against us.

Payment terms:by providing AUTHORIZE MOVERS

Inventory listed items:

All items that require
transportation must be indicated on your inventory list.

Customer responsibility for all items loaded
to be written in the inventory list. Claim for items not on the inventory list

will not be process. Please ensure that all
the items listed on your inventory list are loaded by our team prior to the

departure of the vehicle
aswww.Movingandstorageservices.net will not return for forgotten items.

Please inspect the vehicle subsequent to the
unloading for goods which might have stayed behind.

Excluded Items:

The following items are specifically excluded
from this contract and if they are moved by us we do not accept any

Responsibility for loss or damage:

* Jewelry, watches, precious stones, money,
stamps, coins or goods or collections of a similar kind.

* Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive

* Goods likely to encourage vermin or other
pests or to cause infestations.

* Refrigerated or frozen food or drink.

* Any animals including pets, birds or fish.With over 15 years in business, www.Movingandstorageservices.net looks forward to assisting you with any of your moving and storage needs. Thank you!




All items
that require transportation must be indicated on your inventory list.

Along with the necessary moving equipment, the movers also carry tons of moving blankets, moving shrink wrap,


Click on the links below to review the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) publications: