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Of course we handle the basics, like loading, moving and unloading your belongings. But we can do much more, depending on what you want. Want to do your own packing and unpacking? We can provide the supplies. Want us to pack and unpack only the fragile items? We can do that. Want us to handle everything? The decision is yours.


Our Services

Our Services

Regardless of the moving services you require, at
Authorize Movers we understand that moving is stressful. We use our experience and knowledge to give you and your loved ones a hassle-free experience. It’s just one of the advantages of using a moving company who has been in the business for over a decade.

Large Moves

Are you planning a Large move? Whether you are moving a four-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom home cross-country,
Authorize Movers has the resources, expertise, and professional customer service to make your relocation simple and stress-free!

The most important part of your move is finding a reputable, experienced mover to carefully pack your belongings, load them onto a truck, and safely transport them to your new home. No matter your needs,
Authorize Movers has you covered—we handle long distance moves, corporate relocations, and small moves. Plus, we offer professional packing services, specialty crating for antiques and artwork, and storage solutions!

Residential Moving

moving companies choose Authorize Movers

What makes 
Authorize Movers different from other Residential Moving Companies Miami?

Authorize Movers is a full service moving company in Miami florida. As one of the top movers in the nation, Authorize Movers offers an exceptional service when your relocation needs require you to move within your own state. If you are looking for a local moving company to help you move from an Apartment, Condo, or House Authorize Movers professional local movers will be happy to provide you with our services.BEST MOVING COMPANIES IN FLORIDA

Long Distance Moves

Saying goodbye to your old neighborhood can be difficult. Let us help ease your mind by taking care of your long distance move for you, whether you’re moving to a nearby state or one that’s hundreds of miles away

If you require a long distance move, our highly-trained, professional
Authorize Movers movers will wrap, pack and ship your belongings to your new home, so you can focus on the difficult and time-consuming task of relocating yourself and your loved ones. Leave your belongings to us.

Small Moves

As they say, no move is too big, and here at
Authorize Movers , no move is too small either. In the industry, small moves are any moves where your belongings come in under 2,000 lbs. If you fit that criteria, we will happily take on your small moving job.

Need to move a studio apartment, a single room in a house or even a solo piece of furniture? We treat small moves just as we would a full-service move across the country–with care, precision, know-how and professionalism.

Packing Services

Our team
Authorize Movers can also take the hassle of packing off your hands, using high quality, professional materials. You have our guarantee that your treasured possessions will arrive at your new location in one piece thanks to the hard work of our trained staff.

In addition to packing and blanket wrapping services, we even offer specialty crating options for a variety of items, including: antiques, artwork and sculptures.


Here at
Authorize Movers , we know that some moves can’t be completed overnight. For that reason,we provide you with month to month rental plans for keeping your belongings in a safe, secure and temperature-controlled warehouse.

Want to keep your items in storage short-term? Need to have them held on a long-term basis? You can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe and sound from theft and damage in a 24/7 monitored warehouse facility.

Commercial Moves

Need help relocating a hectic office environment? We can handle that, too! We’ll even work around your schedule, moving everything from desks to heavy office equipment after your business is shut down for the evening and everyone has gone home.

There’s no need to disrupt your employees from completing their work. Our experienced
Authorize Movers can get the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing you and your team to get back to business in a timely manner.

International Movers

At Authorize Movers, we’ve got all international moving needs covered. Our international moving division, Stevens International Forwarders, offers top-of-the-line international moving services with every move we make! Stevens International is well connected with more than 350 international moving partners around the world – let us show you the pleasure and ease of moving abroad!



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