Movers Terms to Know
May 21

Movers Terms to Know

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Terms to Know

Terms to Know


Many movers will store your possessions when requested. Remember that there is a charge for storage services. You should also know that the additional handling of your goods into and out of storage increases the possibility of damages.


Except on local moves, your mover will normally write an inventory of the items being moved before loading the items on the delivery vehicle. The mover will walk through the house and place a numbered sticker on each item being moved and provide a description (including condition, or preexisting damage) of that item.

Make sure your mover provides detailed descriptions of the preexisting damage of each item. If the damage description is unclear or confusing, ask for clarification before the items are moved.

Be sure to get a copy of the inventory list and contract for your records.

Hostage Move

Scams can occur whether you are dealing directly with a moving company or using a broker. One such scam occurs when a moving company quotes a low price to secure your business, then increases the cost substantially after loading your household goods onto the truck. If you refuse to pay, the company will hold your belongings hostage until you comply. Keep a copy of your contract with you during the move to be able to show law enforcement if necessary. It is a third-degree felony for a mover to refuse to relinquish your household goods if law enforcement has determined you have tendered payment in the amount of the written estimate or contract.Learn More

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