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At Authorize Movers, we’ve got all international moving needs covered. Our international moving division, Stevens International Forwarders, offers top-of-the-line international moving services with every move we make! Stevens International is well connected with more than 350 international moving partners around the world – let us show you the pleasure and ease of moving abroad!

Organization is the key to a successful international move, and our friendly, experienced international movers will help you plan your overseas move down to the last detail. An international move is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it should be met with excitement. Our movers ensure that’s the case.

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We are pleased to state that we move thousands of government employees and individuals each and every year. In addition to facilitating shipment of our customers’ belongings domestically and overseas, we can also securely store them, ready and available for the transferee’s move back to the States.  Let us show you why Authorize Movers is The Way

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With a global network of agents and more than 20 years of experience in the moving industry, Stevens will provide you with a stress-free move.

When it comes to moving your household goods overseas, you need a moving company that specializes in international relocation, at competitive prices. At Authorize Movers International, we combine unparalleled customer service with the commitment and attention to detail necessary to make any international household goods move successful.

Authorize Movers has been a trusted name in household goods moves for more than 20years, and with that experience comes the knowledge and resources to extend our exceptional services abroad. We have more than 900 contacts with moving agents around the world, so no matter where your goods are being shipped, a Authorize Movers Representative will never be too far away.


As a leader in corporate relocation, Stevens offers a list of exceptional benefits and specialized packages for optimum customer satisfaction.

Corporate Moving

Corporate Moving
Corporate Moving Family packing boxes A ready-to-deploy mobile workforce counts among today’s most valuable corporate assets, offering a vehicle for growing the business, bridging critical skill gaps and engaging and retaining the next generation of leaders.

Historically relocation programs were associated with employee benefits as a need to fulfill operational and logistical issues; rarely were relocation benefits associated with career progression or long-term corporate goals. With the demands of today’s workforce, talent shortages and economic pressures,
Authorize Movers International has seen a shift in workforce mobility trends. Today’s talent management strategies are trending toward more short term assignments designed as career development opportunities for meeting long-term organizational and e

A solid workforce mobility program can advance and support talent management strategies while positively impacting business results. In working with our corporate clients, Stevens International recognized the need to meet organizational and employee objectives – no two organizations are alike, nor are their relocation needs. Below are some ways we have worked with corporate clients, you may require a different process or find value in learning what others are doing.

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