5 Innovative Logistics Solutions You Need to Know

The transport sector, from large loads to small goods, is undergoing a process of transformation in Brazil. If not in terms of infrastructure, certainly in technologies that bring innovative solutions in logistics.

Discover 5 innovative solutions in logistics

Last mile deliveries

Last-mile transport, that is, done within cities for deliveries generally intended for the final consumer, is very important for virtual commerce. Loggi then enters as one of the innovative solutions in logistics for these urban displacements, through express deliveries. With this, it serves offices, restaurants, and e-commerces with the proposal to replace the post office and compete with services such as iFood.

Drone deliveries

However, there are many places where the last mile delivery does not arrive or the infrastructure is precarious for the transportation of products. Drones are seen as an answer to that, as they are compact and travel through the air. In Brazil, MyView develops delivery solutions with drones and ground robots. In addition to being useful to virtual commerce, in some cases, the use of drones can help save lives, as in the case of the Nigerian startup Arone, which delivers medicines and medical and laboratory supplies in African territory.

Collect point

Another logistics solution for these last-mile deliveries is modern lockers, a kind of mailbox of the future. NewPost works with one of these innovative logistics solutions for pick-up points through smart lockers with individual drawers, monitoring cameras, touch screens, and a QR code reader. Thus, it is possible to make delivery at that point for the consumer to withdraw at the best time for him, eliminating the rate of delivery failure.

Sea and air deliveries

Now, how do you get to that last mile? In a globalized market, cargo transportation between countries is a major logistics challenge. But Froto, a German startup with a presence around the world, can help manage international deliveries. It offers a platform for freight quotations by ship or plane and allows you to track cargo in real-time from one country to another.

Overland deliveries

When it comes to road transport by trucks, has the proposal to solve the bottlenecks of freight in Brazil. Firstly, it works as a platform to connect shippers and carriers to truck drivers, using its algorithm to find the best suppliers for each freight. In addition, it guides the planning of intelligent routes, informs the stages completed in the delivery process, and has a transport tracking technology that allows the performance of drivers and vehicles to be analyzed.

It is also worth noting that RCC auto Transport works with one of the most promising and innovative solutions in logistics: machine learning applied to transportation. In this way, the platform can analyze large volumes of data – big data – and learn from them to deliver an increasingly efficient service and, consequently, better results to customers.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of this logistics solution? Then see how RCC auto Transport makes it possible to reduce cargo transportation costs.

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